Does your school have a comprehensive student engagement program?

With the dramatic proliferation of learning applications across higher-ed, many colleges find that these applications are being used without a cohesive plan to ensure that they are contributing to successful student outcomes. Some schools use up to five different non-integrated engagement applications, all of them only serving students in the classroom. Why should a non-integrated student engagement solution be a concern for schools? Well with nearly 40% of all higher-ed students enrolled in blended learning programs, schools need to use engagement applications in all learning environments that will generate and capture personalized data and learning analytics to ensure positive student outcomes. This data can be safely derived, stored and accessed through secure LMS integrations which help fully eliminate data security breaches.

School IT specialists and LMS administrators share the responsibility to help oversee their schools instructional programs.

School administrators need to ask the following question:

Q: How can a school implement a successful comprehensive student engagement program serving classrooms, online synchronized and asynchronous learning environments?

A: YouBthere, is a fully-integrated digital student engagement solution that brings instructors and students together with one simple easy-to-use software application usable in all learning environments. Simply click on our link within your LMS and be instantly connected to all your course materials and fellow students.

Here are a few exclusive features & benefits that YouBthere offers:

  1. Grades posted directly into your LMS gradebook.
  2. Exchange data easily with your LMS.
  3. Data Security ensured with the safest path to store and access data.
  4. Award-winning engagement for all learning environments.
  5. Collection and creation of reports at all course and department levels.
  6. One simple easy-to-use solution, simply click on our link and begin.
  7. Organization of all instructor and student courses.
  8. Comprehension Features Package helps instructors take the pulse of student understanding of subject materials in real-time at any-time.
  9. Continually add new and innovative polling enhancements.  

While other outdated apps cling to offering one feature, YouBthere’s integrated student engagement software offers new exciting features that help improve the everyday teaching and learning experience.

Begin building the foundation for your schools overall comprehensive student engagement program for the coming digital learning age by signing-up for your free demo or summer pilot trial today!


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