The Power of Aggregation through LMS Integration

As leaders in the creation of learning analytics, a great benefit of our student engagement (SE) software is the ability to generate meaningful data at both the institutional and student level. Our secure path to generate, collect, store and share meaningful data through collaborative LMS integrations and aggregation makes YouBthere a uniquely valuable and highly sought after student engagement solution.

YouBthere enables every educational institution to create and tailor their data research at both the macro and micro level of the learning experience. Our application can easily and instantly implement institutional End-of Course and Departmental surveys. For instructors seeking feedback, our Course and Lecture surveys help monitor and measure student performance and overall understanding of subject materials, allowing both administrators and instructors to move faster to adjust, change, or edit the outcome before its too late.

Our unique approach in providing a safe and secure path to protecting student data meets and exceeds FERPA & VPAT standards. Here are just a few benefits from our analytical reports and surveys:

  • Collect and store data safely through encryption
  • Produce analytical reports instantaneously
  • Tailor surveys based on need
  • Administer surveys through SE solution
  • Combine applications 
  • Save money in school budget
  • Share information with LMS
  • Control data
  • Unlimited-use

Let YouBthere’s award-winning student engagement and analytic software help serve your administrators, instructors and students. Sign up today for a free demo and begin using our cost-effective software for your upcoming fall semester programs.