Better Together Going Mobile!

A few years ago, we sat down with several of the leading Learning Management System (LMS) providers to discuss and demonstrate our fully-integrated, digital student engagement (SE) solution. The LMS and vendor collaboration further enhanced and improved both the instructor and student learning experience. Through co-sponsored LMS webinars we collectively verified that the higher education sector was longing for a better integrated SE solution.

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Our strong union creates a more dynamic and interactive engaging experience at the lecture level that increases student participation beyond just polling. One example of this cooperative relationship is YouBthere’s integration with a school’s chosen LMS mobile application. Our mobile integration enables Instructors and students to enjoy all 15 interactive features on any smart device. Further illustrating the true benefit of the LMS portal and vendor technology relationship – better together!

Educational stakeholders acknowledge that LMS gateways provide a viable path for the nearly 200 additional value-add vendor technologies to help meet a schools entire technology needs. To experience how our software works seamlessly within the LMS platform we offer live screen share demonstrations, free workshops and free pilot trials. YouBthere is constantly improving, enhancing and creating new features for the higher ed sector, based on discussions and collaborations with instructors and IT specialists. Come experience your live demonstration today and see how our fully integrated and cost-effective solution is helping improve the everyday digital learning landscape!