Learning Analytics

What is learning analytics? And how does it differ from static predictive analytics? The answer to these two intriguing questions is at the very heart of what we do and helps define YouBthere’s vision for Higher Education and the significant role that our digital technology plays.

While an educational institution might pull student data from their respective school’s database before that student’s educational journey begins, thereby providing early identifiers such as geographic location, a high school’s identity, or even that student’s household income. And while this type of static data can provide small insight into a student’s ability to learn early-on, however as that student’s educational journey continues-on static data becomes totally irrelevant in helping secure a positive educational student outcome.

We recognize the distinction and significance of real-time non-static performance and decisional data, and in-addition we fully understand the relevancy of the duration learning cycle. Combining real-time interactive learning features with real-time learning analytics so an instructor or administrator can measure and address a student’s needs on a more immediate timeline if they desire.

By proactively measuring and identifying student-specific interactions a school can lay claim that they are doing everything possible to help their student’s succeed!


True learning analytics through-the-use of YouBthere’s exclusive adaptive learning features creates student-specific interactions and decisions within their respective coursework environment. Whether in the classroom or online learning programs.


Introducing Ei3 a new way of measuring a student’s true learning potential and outcome! Exclusively through our robust features. A formula solely dedicated to assess a student’s progress through their selected course or entire educational experience. Learn more…


The new measure of a student’s true learning outcome. What if a student’s GPA – is generated too late? What if we can proactively measure a student’s learning potential in real-time? By creating a student’s composite learning index score through our robust interactive functionality over a student’s course and educational duration, we can now proactively measure a student’s learning potential before it’s too late.

What does Ei3 stand for?

Institutions, educators, and students alike all agree that at the core of the educational process is the desire to strive to achieve these four basic principles within a student’s personal educational experience.

  • Enhance active and student engagement learning
  • Increase a student’s retention and comprehension level of subject material
  • Increase a student’s overall GPA
  • Improve graduation rates

With these shared goals in mind we can evaluate a student’s everyday learning experience. Deriving a continual personal student composite learning index score that reflects a student’s true learning potential and outcome.