Corporate Learning

Corporate Learning

HR leaders recognize management training and leadership development as two of the most important strategies they need to work on to retain their top talent.

An according to a true insider Susan Hanold, PH.D. & VP Talent Strategy at ADP “this is not surprising when you consider that employees don’t quit companies- they quit bosses. If managers don’t know how to lead, engagement will suffer, and employees will start looking for their next big opportunity. That’s why developing managers to be better coaches and providing front-line, on the job training is crucial to retention.”

So how does a company best tackle this continual problematic issue of training and retaining their top talent along with other company priorities such as compliance and necessary on-the-job training that is lacking in today’s corporate sector?


“Create a culture that encourages and rewards learning”

– Susan Hanold, PH.D. & VP Talent Strategy at ADP

According to ADP research institute 84% of U.S. workers are eager and excited to use technology to learn. With the technological advances of today, employees can use learning resources quickly to educate themselves, solve problems and keep their daily work on schedule. Giving them the new skill sets required to meet employers needs and keep them engaged to grow their careers.

So how does a company best serve this need in relation to finding relevant technology to ensure the positive result they seek during the learning experience? Enter YouBthere!

Our value-add technology increases learning ROI through our state-of-art digital student engagement and learning analytics software solution. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to increase engagement with today’s best known adaptive engagement features and turning those employee interactions and decisions into insight through our learning analytics giving both employee and employer the necessary feedback to help them become a more qualified and better performing manager.

For those employees who need to stay up-to-date compliant, informed on job duties and job qualifications we offer not only robust engagement, robust quizzing and testing, polling, comprehension tools but a host of interactive features to help in the evaluation and assessment process.

Our exclusive engagement technology and learning analytics software is truly a one-of-a-kind offering integrated with your Corporate LMS and with just the click of a button all participants are automatically connected to their actual learning experience.

As an additional value-add reach your clients and customer base through our robust surveys already embedded within your engagement solution. We allow managers to administer the experience surveys that meets their needs:

person icon Customer Experience

person and building icon Employee Experience

cup with logo icon Branding Experience

product icon Product Experience

Get the necessary feedback to address the experience of your choice. One single source application serving your company’s needs in an affordable cost-effective way. Let our software do the heavy lifting for you!