Data Security

We know it’s important to every school and rightly so protecting student and institutional data is fast becoming the highest priority for schools. With the proliferation of new value-add technologies offering a chance to collect personalized data to help schools analyze and enhance educational outcomes, it’s no wonder that data security is at the forefront of every schools thinking.


So how does YouBthere address this overall increasing concern? Our passion and commitment to creating new and exciting interactive engagement features has always been at the heart of what we do. The rich bi-product generated by such robust features focuses on student and institutional performance data thereby creating the global need to collect, store, and share analytical information safely with your LMS provider. Only YouBthere’s development team has solved this concern by finding a safe and secure path to protecting this important data from any data security breaches occurring. Eliminating this data security concern once and for all for all stakeholders!


Data / Feedback / Knowledge

Our uniqueness lies in our approach in gathering meaningful student data and course information at the various levels of the learning experience. Our digitized adaptive learning features and state-of-the-art software allows us to capture the everyday learning interactive decisions and turn that information into valuable insight for all benefactor’s, students, instructors and administrators alike.


“He who would search for pearls must dive below”

John Dryden – Poet Laureate 1678


Our software provides the easy-to-use tools that help stakeholders evaluate a student’s course lifecycle regardless of implementation or delivery methods.

Let our award-winning innovative software do the work for you!

  • Lecture level – Compare performance and understanding of same day lectures. Our comprehensive student dashboards help evaluate individual performance throughout their learning experience, supporting for the first-time classroom and distance learning environments. Making our software a true hybrid student engagement solution.
  • Course level – Now administrators can compare and evaluate which courses are succeeding and which courses may need tweaking to improve the overall educational experience and outcome. Knowing on your time line helps administrators and instructors meet a student’s immediate needs.
  • Departmental level – Compare and evaluate entire departments within your school. Is one department getting high marks? Is it because it’s an easy course? Or is that instructor doing something special to increase student participation and overall outcomes? Let our software help find the answers!
  • Institutional level – Regents can evaluate all schools under their umbrella and see which ones are doing well and which ones may need help. Sister or satellite schools can compare and evaluate their respective educational performance as-a-way to measure overall student satisfaction and institutional performance.