Higher Education

For educators: Says so much about you before you say a word.

  • With YouBthere, you have a breakthrough new engagement tool to use, one that instantly captivates your students and positions you as highly creative, fun and on the cutting edge.
  • By bringing your students into your presentation via their laptop and mobile devices, you’re much more likely to keep them engaged—with you, with the material and with each other.
  • There’s a tangible feeling of community as students send questions directly to you, and share ideas with one another.
  • Polling the class is quick and easy, giving you a real-time measure of how well your material is coming across.
  • A library of testing options is available to use as you choose to inject some energy and amp up engagement, including: fill in the blanks, yes and no, true or false, and multiple choice.
  • Digital learning capabilities include quizzing, testing, grading, and polling features.
  • Active engagement and real-time digital learning solves pain points for instructors while helping students stay focused.


For students: Active engagement makes the difference.

  • With YouBthere, students can actively participate in the lesson instead just listening to it.
  • Active engagement with the instructor—and with each other—keeps the class lively and engrossing.
  • If something isn’t clear, students can immediately signal the instructor and let him/her know they need additional information.
  • Polling exercises conducted by the instructor allow students to measure their progress
  • Students benefit from real-time feedback when their thoughts and questions are most clear.


For administrators: YouBthere connects everyone.

  • In meetings and professional development settings, YouBthere brings you and your educators together.



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