Whether you’re a teacher looking to engage more students in your next lecture. Or just trying to find a way to reach those shy students. YouBthere offers the engagement solution for every grade!

Schools can now implement one single engagement solution for their entire school. A fully integrated cost-effective student engagement solution that resides within your LMS provider. Now instructors and administrators can consolidate many applications into one simple easy-to-use software solution.

With the growing demands on teachers to adapt relevant digital software applications, YouBthere makes that an easy check-box by simply clicking on our link within your LMS portal – and begin.

Here are just a few key points that YouBthere helps improve every day:

  • Keep students engaged and focused through the-use of their smart devices
  • Track content retention and easily identify areas of needed improvement.
  • Detailed results allow teachers to tailor curriculum for current and future courses to help facilitate student success.
  • Students can communicate and express themselves freely and anonymously with their teachers.
  • Teachers can measure class comprehension of subject matter in real-time any time.


Teachers can stay organized with our course management feature, it allows instructors and students to connect automatically to their class or online lesson instantaneously.