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Build a more comprehensive student engagement strategy

Whether your next lecture or lesson is in the classroom, synchronized online, or an asynchronous course, our fully-integrated software offers every student a dynamic, interactive learning experience.


Comprehension Features Package (CFP)

Now instructors can measure their student’s comprehension level of course presentations at any time throughout their lecture or lesson.

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Interactive Digital Content

Instructors can sync & share all types of digital materials for any lecture or course offerings.

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Interactive Discussion Board

Now instructors can help students continue discussing their related course materials, topics, and chapter themes even after their class lecture or online lesson is over.

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Edison Awards 2019 NomineeWe are proud to be nominated once again by the Edison Awards for Innovation within learning environments. We stand alongside both past and present iconic nominees such as Elon Musk, Bill Ford, and IBM.

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Student Engagement Technology

Digital Software

For the first-time ever instructors and students can use a single cost-effective digital student engagement solution in all three learning environments for today’s trending hybrid learning programs.

Let our award-winning cloud-based technology simplify and enhance your next lecture!

Synchronized Online
Asynchronous Course

Institutions can address their budgetary concerns head-on by using our all-in-one software solution to reduce costs and improve educational outcomes for all stakeholders alike: instructors, administrators, and students.


Students love their phones.

That’s why we built our fully-integrated student engagement solution to work within your LMS mobile application.

It is true that mobile phones are a big part of daily life for higher education students. No matter what smart device a student may use, we want to ensure that the interactive features of our award-winning student engagement solution are universally available. YouBthere collaborates with its LMS partners to offer powerful integrated solutions ensuring that students get the most out of their everyday learning experience. Simply click on the YouBthere link in your LMS mobile application and begin enjoying a seamless and robust interactive engagement experience in every lecture.





“Our focus is to ensure that every student learns. This software enables our LMS, Canvas, to work better. It gives teachers the tools to measure how students are doing, and assess their progress so the teachers can meet individual needs.”

Scott Eggerding

Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Lyons Township High School

“I use YouBthere in faculty workshops with a mix of technophiles and technophobes (with flip-phones!)”

Douglas W.

Dean of Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Research

“Very affordable and user friendly! Students are engaged and using technology for learning.”

Stacy P.


“YouBthere improves the classroom experience and student progress management.”

Ron R.

PhD Student

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