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For the first-time ever instructors and students can use a single cost-effective digital student engagement solution in all three learning environments for today’s trending hybrid learning programs. Whether your next lecture or lesson is in the classroom, synchronized online or an asynchronous course our fully integrated software offers every student a dynamic interactive learning experience.

Let our award-winning cloud-based technology simplify and enhance your next lecture!

Synchronized On-line
Asynchronous Course

Institutions can address their budgetary concerns head-on by using our all-in-one software solution to reduce costs and improve educational outcomes for all shareholders alike: instructors, administrators, and students.

Innovative cloud-based technology created for both classroom and online higher education.

Solving instructors pain points, while creating a better focused and engaged learning experience with YouBthere’s digital student engagement software solution.

“The 10 most innovative companies in Education Technology 2017” by Insight Success Magazine

YouBthere is proud to be recognized for their continued commitment to enhance and improve the everyday digital learning experience!

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New Feature! Introducing our new Interactive Discussion Board!

Serving an instructors and students needs by continuing the collaborative discussion even after your classroom or on-line lesson is over. Helping students better understand their coursework and subject material is what we are all about!

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New Feature! Interactive Digital Content

Simply upload and create an instant, shared visual experience with all your digital materials. Now students can be directly connected to their digital content and enjoy a personalized, interactive experience with their required lesson materials.

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Robust Features

Our mission to improve overall educational outcomes through our robust adaptive learning features is revolutionizing the pedagogy landscape and pushing the boundaries to enhance the everyday learning experience. Our unique approach to increase student engagement, simplify and enrich an instructor’s lecture, and measure a student’s educational progress all in real-time.

Here is a list of some of our key features:

Course Management

We assign and organize course schedules and home work assignments with ease.


Interactive Digital Content

Simply sync and share your interactive digital materials with your entire class or online students in an instant.


Our rich imagery and easy to create instant polls help assess a student’s retention & comprehension.

Live Interactive Q&A

Interactive exchange of ideas stimulates a student’s desire to learn.


Interactive Discussion Board

For the first-time ever, an interactive discussion board built for todays blended learning student.


Quizzing & Testing has never been made easier, multiple choice, true-false, yes-no, or essays. It’s up to you!


Whether for classroom assignments, required mandatory surveys or now simply you can create your own.

Data Collection

We can capture a student’s decisions and turn them into insight!

Learning Analytics

Analytics on a personal level help improve a student’s educational outcome before it’s too late!


Taking attendance has never been made easier! Now in seconds.

Automatic Gradebook Posting

Our exclusive automatic gradebook posting ability saves countless of hours of an instructor’s time.

Student Dashboard

Manage and measure your student’s performance with ease.

Real-time Assessment

Measure a student’s true learning progress throughout the course.


Measure Comprehension

Know your student’s understanding of subject material in real-time!


Notify students who are in need of assistance through our custom-built alert system.

Asynchronous Enhancements

Our exclusive approach allows for further value-add asynchronous features.

YouBthere works with state universities, national and international learning institutions, as well as smaller schools.

“Our focus is to ensure that every student learns. This software enables our LMS, Canvas, to work better. It gives teachers the tools to measure how students are doing, and assess their progress so the teachers can meet individual needs.”

– Scott Eggerding, director of cirriculum and instruction at Lyons Township High School

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