If you’re currently using three separate software applications for your student engagement, analytics, and end-of-course surveys, you can streamline and save money by using YouBthere‘s all-in-one software solution. Our dedication to enhancing the everyday educational experience through our revolutionary student engagement software is bringing daily value-add to instructors, administrators, and students at an incredible price!


With our multitude of robust and interactive features we stimulate daily student engagement within coursework environments that lead to significant increases in student and institutional educational outcomes.  A few of our key features to start you on your path to a better engaging experience within your classroom and distance learning programs include:  polling, quizzes, live Q&A, live-voting, mandatory and customizable surveys. Our software delivers higher engagement, increasing comprehension levels and overall student retention every day!

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Our ability to collect personal student decisional data during daily courses enables us to create meaningful information that can be turned into insightful predictive learning analytics. As the creators of learning analytics our proactive analytical approach helps deliver significant increases in student GPA’s, graduation rates and overall educational outcomes.

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Our mandatory end-of-course survey is included within our current offering and can be easily edited to accommodate any institution’s preference to add additional information that will help better assess departmental programs.

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Please click on this contact-us link to experience first-hand all the power that YouBthere can deliver to your everyday learning experience for as little as $14.95 per student per year with unlimited-use. Whether you’re currently using outdated or limited student engagement technology or thinking about student engagement for the first-time, sign-up today for your free 30-minute live demo and see why higher educational institutions are turning to YouBthere as their digital student engagement solution!