Many instructors using expensive and antiquated electronic student engagement devices fine the technology limiting and lacking in functionality.  As education becomes more digitally based, clickers no longer offer enough to support instruction through a digital learning management system. Moving to the next level in student engagement is often hard for educational institutions due to insufficient WiFi capabilities. YouBthere’s digitally integrated student engagement software can help resolve connectivity challenges and bring updated technology to classrooms in a cost effective manner.

Educators currently using electronic clicker devices that offer only a polling feature and cost $55 dollars or more on a per student basis can upgrade and engage their classroom and online experience with YouBthere, an award-winning student engagement software. Switching to YouBthere’s state-of-art digital software solution offers unlimited use of interactive features such as robust polling, quizzing and testing, attendance, automatic gradebook posting, learning analytics, live student assessment, measured comprehension levels, and easy-to-use surveys all in real-time within your coursework environment for as little as $14.95 per student. Educators, schools, and students benefit in classrooms that have WiFi connectivity up-to-date so they can experience first-hand the creative and innovative features that YouBthere can offer in conjunction with digital learning management systems.

In addition to cost-savings and compatibility within your digital learning management system, YouBthere can also measure and assess a student’s learning progress in real-time, help reduce departmental expenses, solve attendance recording, save instructors countless hours on grading, provide formative and summative customizable surveys, send early-alert warning notifications, and open the door to new and relevant digital software technologies within your learning management system.

Call us directly or sign-up today to schedule your free 20-minute demonstration, learn how we can finally resolve your Wifi deficiencies for FREE and see why the future looks brighter than ever for educational institutions switching to YouBthere as their go-to student engagement software solution.  YouBthere is simply a better solution at a better price!

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