Every teacher wants their students to succeed. You provide the best possible educational experience for your students, but there will always be those who struggle. Some will seek out your help and guidance, but others will not. At the end of the term, test scores and the final grade determine success or failure. Too often, frustrated students who struggled for a passing grade will be disappointed and discouraged when they receive their final grade. By then, any opportunity for improvement has passed, and the end result is less than desirable.

What if there were a simple, time-effective way to monitor every student’s progress—test scores, assignment grades, homework completion, and attendance—from the first day of class through the final exam? What if you could afford to use the latest learning management technology to track your students’ grades, comprehension, and performance patterns and be alerted to potential problems before it’s too late?

Meet YouBthere, the original real-time student engagement software! YouBthere is an award-winning digital system designed to increase and enhance daily interaction between students and instructors, simplify grading, and proactively monitor student comprehension and progress. Best of all, using YouBthere’s integrated solution will save you countless of hours by streamlining your grading process.

YouBthere student engagement software gives all users unlimited use of interactive features such as instant polling, customized quizzing and testing, attendance tracking, automatic gradebook posting, learning analytics, live student assessment, effortless comprehension-level monitoring, and easy-to-use opinion surveys. All of this can be done live in the lecture hall, or remotely for online courses. YouBthere’s software can send out early-alert signals to instructors, advisors, and students simultaneously to proactively address specific issues. Is the problem irregular attendance? A quick glance at the attendance graph in the student’s profile clearly displays his or her attendance history. Or perhaps the problem is a lack of comprehension of subject material? Real-time comprehension checks allow you to identify which students need extra help using a secure, discreet digital platform. Are test scores or assignment grades too low? Or has overall progress slipped since the last exam? YouBthere can help pinpoint and reveal these issues throughout the term, giving you the information you need to assess students’ needs while there is still plenty of time to intervene. In short, YouBthere’s innovative strategy for improving the entire educational experience gives you the power to provide students with the personal attention they need to achieve, grow, and succeed.

As education becomes more digitally based, it is essential that all institutions of higher learning provide their students, teachers, and administrators with the digital tools they need to remain relevant and competitive. However, providing effective student engagement is often difficult for educational institutions due to insufficient WiFi capabilities. YouBthere’s cutting-edge software helps resolve institutional budgetary concerns, connectivity challenges and brings updated technology to your daily educational experience for as little as $14.95 per student, per year.

YouBthere is the most powerful, effective, flexible, user-friendly digital student engagement software on the market today, yet it is also the most affordable. How is this possible? We are eager to show you! Call us directly or sign-up today to schedule your free 20-minute demonstration. Learn how we can finally resolve your WiFi deficiencies for FREE and see why the future looks brighter than ever for educational institutions switching to YouBthere as their go-to student engagement software solution. YouBthere is simply a better solution at a better price!