Move over Polling! Introducing our new Comprehension Features Package!

Measuring student understanding of course and topic materials is what it’s all about! Our new Comprehension Features Package enables instructors to measure, monitor and improve a student’s level of understanding of course content in real-time – anytime! Thanks to YouBthere’s new comprehension tool kit, instructors will always have the answer key throughout their entire lesson. Our new features package enables instructors to remove the uncertainty of whether students are grasping lesson or course concepts and help deliver a more fluid learning experience.

There’s something for everyone! Students get a real-time interactive engagement feature to express their own individual level of understanding of course concepts without ever having to be shy or embarrassed to respond. Our software calculates the precise overall comprehension level of all participants for any or all course topics presented. Instructors can easily manage and monitor their student’s level of comprehension through their user-friendly dashboard, giving instructors more flexibility and control over course direction and topic delivery.

Our visionary software is built on numerous discussions, collaborations and user experiences with higher education instructors and IT specialists. Schools can now expand their student engagement programs beyond the classroom, allowing schools for the first-time to establish a cohesive student engagement protocol that will serve their school’s engagement needs in all learning environments; classroom, synchronized on-line and asynchronous programs. 

We invite all higher-ed stakeholders who recognize the significant role that a fully-integrated digital student engagement solution will play in helping deliver positive student outcomes to attend. Here’s the chance for educational institutions to implement a cost-effective and cohesive SE program that will serve their entire schools digital engagement needs for decades to come. To learn more about how YouBthere can help implement your schools comprehensive engagement needs please register today for our upcoming D2L partner webinar on Thursday April 12th @ 2pm CST and see for yourself how our new comprehension tool kit can help enhance your next lesson!  Are you ready for your Free Pilot Trial? Let’s Go! Start your free summer pilot trial today!