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Oct 2018
With the entry of digital technology into the educational sector, the challenge for educators to reach their students via digital smart devices arose. The good news for educators is that student affinity for digital...

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Aug 2018
A few years ago, we sat down with several of the leading Learning Management System (LMS) providers to discuss and demonstrate our fully-integrated, digital student engagement (SE) solution. The LMS and vendor collaboration further enhanced and improved both the...

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Jul 2018
As leaders in the creation of learning analytics, a great benefit of our student engagement (SE) software is the ability to generate meaningful data at both the institutional and student level. Our secure path to generate, collect, store...

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Jun 2018
With YouBthere schools and instructors can choose a student engagement (SE) package that fits their budget and overall learning needs. No longer one price fits all. Whether you’re a first-time user searching for a robust polling feature or...

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May 2018
With the dramatic proliferation of learning applications across higher-ed, many colleges find that these applications are being used without a cohesive plan to ensure that they are contributing to successful student outcomes. Some schools...

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