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May 2018
With the dramatic proliferation of learning applications across higher-ed, many colleges find that these applications are being used without a cohesive plan to ensure that they are contributing to successful student outcomes. Some schools...

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Apr 2018
Measuring student understanding of course and topic materials is what it’s all about! Our new Comprehension Features Package enables instructors to measure, monitor and improve a student’s level of understanding of course content in real-time –...

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Mar 2018
Data security is an issue that is very important for educational institutions. The concern over keeping data secure arises when institutions consider using value-add technologies along with their existing programs. Problems can arise for educational institutions who...

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Jan 2018
Through the years we’ve had extensive discussions with hundreds of instructors and higher-ed stakeholders to address their immediate and future educational technology needs. At YouBthere, we focus on new ed-trends, sector-specific issues and educational shifts...

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Dec 2017
  YouBthere is proud to be recognized for their continued commitment to enhance and improve the everyday digital learning experience! Click here to read more!

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