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Sep 2016
Relax, we have done the work and have a solution for you.  With YouBthere as your student engagement solution you can dramatically improve results in student engagement, retention, GPA and institutional graduation rates. Never...

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Jul 2016
Inside your next EdTech evaluation committee meeting, here’s a few things to consider… A recent survey conducted by inside Higher Ed stated that college business officials agreed that higher education is nearing a financial crisis.  In...

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Jun 2016
In response to the recent article posted within Education Dive regarding predictive analytics in assessing a student’s behavioral and academic outcome:   What if you’re pulling the wrong data? A better way is...

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Jun 2016
According to a recent Eduventures survey, approximately 80% of participating institutions stated that they use external sources for their retention & comprehension technology. More information inside this Education Dive article:   YouBthere is...

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May 2016
The Zuckerberg’s letter addressed to their new born daughter posed a provocative question:   “Is it possible for children of Max’s generation to learn 100 times more than we learn today?” This educational...

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