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Comprehension Features Package


Now instructors can measure their student’s comprehension level of course presentations at any time throughout their lecture or lesson. Whether your next lecture is in the classroom or on-line, let our new patent-pending Comprehension Features Package (CFP) measure student’s understanding of course materials in real-time without any prior set-up required.

We like to keep things simple and easy for instructors, so you can concentrate on your amazing presentations. So, let our instructor dashboard do the heavy lifting by monitoring, measuring and managing all of your student’s interactions and understanding of course concepts.

While we still support robust polling with rich imagery, some instructors may have concerns with course interruption or lecture flow when uploading materials. Now instructors can modify their course instruction instantly with our new comprehension features package!


Our new interactive patent-pending Comprehension Features Package (CFP) allows students to participate throughout their lecture. We enable interaction and engagement through our robust adaptive learning features, so students can weigh in on course topics instantaneously and continuously without instructors ever having to upload questions or materials for polling.

Students can now enjoy a continuous and interactive flow to every lecture through-the use-of YouBthere’s new comprehension feature tools. Staying engaged and creating a better focused lecture is what are engagement tools are all about, raising the level of communication and interaction within a lecture makes the learning experience more relevant and meaningful for every student. Captivating a room full of students is what every teacher dreams about! YouBthere helps makes those dreams become a reality every day!

Interactive Discussion Board

Now instructors can help students continue discussing their related course materials, topics, and chapter themes even after their class lecture or on-line lesson is over.

With our simple and easy-to-use discussion board, instructors can create a dialogue for each lecture so students can continue learning and exchanging ideas!

Let our easy-to-use discussion board feature enable your next lecture to become a powerful tool in helping students better understand subject material and course concepts:

  • Course: Instructors can use our simple and easy setup process to create their very own discussion board.
  • Lecture: Enable each course lecture to have its very own discussion board whether it’s for your next class or on-line lesson.
  • Topic: Create your next discussion topic and let our easy-to-use thread logic continue the dialogue to help students better understand subject material and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Interactive Digital Content

Instructors can sync & share all types of digital materials for any lecture or course offerings.

Here’s how we can improve your everyday learning experience in three easy ways.

  1. Sync & Share: Instructors can simply upload their digital lesson materials so that all students can download, access, connect, and interact with their lecture and course content. We support all types of digital content materials for your next lecture:
    • eBooks
    • PDFs
    • Video
    • Powerpoint Presentations
  2. Interactive? You bet! Now students can create and customize their own personal learning journey by bookmarking pages, creating and saving lesson notes, editing and annotating material with ease, and highlighting important subject content for an upcoming test or exam. The features provide the necessary flexibility to access, prepare and organize for upcoming tests or exams.
  3. Enjoy all our adaptive features: Enjoy these interactive and robust adaptive learning features that our award-winning student engagement software has to offer at no additional charge.

Introducing Ei3 a new way of measuring a student’s true learning potential and outcome! Exclusively through our robust features. A formula solely dedicated to assess a student’s progress through their selected course or entire educational experience. Learn more…


The new measure of a student’s true learning outcome. What if a student’s GPA – is generated too late? What if we can proactively measure a student’s learning potential in real-time? By creating a student’s composite learning index score through our robust interactive functionality over a student’s course and educational duration, we can now proactively measure a student’s learning potential before it’s too late.

What does Ei3 stand for?

Institutions, educators, and students alike all agree that at the core of the educational process is the desire to strive to achieve these four basic principles within a student’s personal educational experience.

  • Enhance active and student engagement learning
  • Increase a student’s retention and comprehension level of subject material
  • Increase a student’s overall GPA
  • Improve graduation rates

With these shared goals in mind we can evaluate a student’s everyday learning experience. Deriving a continual personal student composite learning index score that reflects a student’s true learning potential and outcome.

No Tricks. No Gimmicks. Just good honest interaction.


  • Our comprehension rating feature keeps students focused on your presentation material.
  • Now you can measure your classrooms retention level throughout your lecture.
  • Our live Q&A and Live-Voting can help determine if a particular discussion topic merits further exploration.
  • The instructor’s interactive summary panel helps review & assess the student’s feedback & comprehension level of subject matter–instantaneously!
  • Instructors can Poll their class with robust imagery, evaluating comprehension levels. Perfect for Math & Physics!
  • Rich imagery allows for robust Quizzing & Testing!
  • Our exclusive “automatic grade book posting”. Now grading is completed in seconds!
  • Flexible & customizable surveys, mandatory end-of-course surveys, national SOS surveys.
  • Our free value-add! No more filling out sheets or weeks delay. Delivered on demand!
  • And perhaps most valuable to all educators & administrators alike are YouBthere’s instantaneous detailed analytic follow-up reports.

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